Solar Multi-Color LED Lotus Flower Lamp Floating Pond Nightlight


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This solar powered and vivid lotus shaped colorful LED lamp is perfect for decorating and lighting your garden pond, it is also an ideal wishing lamp.

Vivid lotus appearance with 7 color RGB LED light.
LED light automatically changes colors.
Solar powered – automatically recharges under sunlight during daytime.
Special Fiber Optic technology ensures smart light control function: the LED light only turns on in dark environment (at night).
Floating on the water and rotating with the winds just like a real lotus, makes your pond and garden looks elegant and vibrant all the time.
A stainless steel ball is designed to prevent the lotus lamp from moving or tilting.
Energy saving & reducing carbon emission, it is environmental friendly.
Besides decorating and lighting your garden pond, it can also work as a special wishing lamp.

The switch is located under the solar panel, to switch-on the lamp, please twist and open the solar panel cover at first, and then put the switch to “ON”.
Please do not let anything cover the solar panel in the daytime, or the battery will not be able to get charged.

Appearance: Lotus
Color: Green + Red + White
Material: Plastic + Stainless steel
LED: 1pcs of 0.05W RGB LED
Charging mode: Solar
Solar Panel: 0.12W
Switch control: Light control
Battery: 1.2V 200mAH rechargeable battery
Item size: Approx. 27 * 7.5cm (Diameter * Height) 
Lotus Flower Dimension: Lotus leaf diameter: 278mm   
Total height of the flower: 75mm
Item weight: 227g

Package Included:
1 x Solar Colorful LED Lotus Lamp Floating Rotating Pond Garden Pool Nightlight 



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