4 In 1 Electronic Digital Compass Thermometer Clock Stopwatch


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This is 4 In 1 digital compass thermometer clock stopwatch.
Your digital compass in using last electromagnetic sensing technology. It is also a combination of clock, stopwatch and thermometer. It is a good device for indoor and outdoor (motoring, boating, camping, hunting and mountaineering).

Declination adjustment.
With 16 cardinal point segments display.
Accuracy about 3 degree
Resolution: 1 degree
Display mode: 360 degree with 16 arrows to point cardina direction.

In degree centigrade or Fahrenheit format
Wide range -10-50 ℃ or 14-112 ℉
Accuracy about 2 degree
Resolution: 1 degree
Temperature format: "℃" or "℉"

With hour, minute and second.
Time format: 24H or 12H (AM/ PM)

Time: Max.99 minutes.

Blue color, 30s

Low power, DC3V, one "CR2032" battery (package not included)

LCD display:
Display with LED backlight (blue).


Use before: Please draw out the plastic before using the device (Fig 9).
1. Clock and temperature mode (the default mode)
This is a default mode of the device. It will display clock in 24H format and air temperature in Celcius℃.
2. Clock and temperature setting:
Press the "SET" button three seconds, to start setting. "24H" (the default format) will flash) will flash. Press the "MODE" button swith to "12H"; Press the "SET" button, the hour's numeral will flash. Press the "MODE" button to set the hour; Use the same way to set the minute; Press the "SET" button, the "℃" will flash. Press the "MODE" button switch to "℉"; At last, pree the "SET" button to return.
3. Press the "MODE" button to enter into "COMPASS" mode. But in this case, the compass is not working. It is showing the data of the last time.
You can press the "SET" button to wake up it, the Compass button will flash. Then the compass is begin to working.

Package included: (not included battery)

1 x Digital compass thermometer clock stopwatch
1 x English manual