10pcs Universal Multifunctional Knife Card Life Survival Outdoor Tool


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10pcs Universal Multifunctional Knife Card Life Survival Outdoor Tool

This product is pure steel building, the solid and durable and attach a holster. Is not generally made of iron stainless steel tools card!
The product is a set of perfect combination of condensed version diversified functions, than credit CARDS, name card much smaller, can deposit in all  kinds of wallet, wallet in 425 high quality stainless steel whole, delicate do manual work, are both light level off, without flash.
The life saving card specification are small but various function, a total of eleven function
Steel: 425
Size: 6.85 x 4.45 CM

Combination Function Introdution:
Can opener:  the following hook the used together with the mouth is, can be easily open tin cans.
The knife:   sharp blade, cutting ropes, wash clean cut fruit more is not a problem.
A screwdriver, located in the card of the Angle (this position using the mechanics principle increases the strength and more energy), the science Angle cutting into a word screwdriver, reasonable of commonly used models can screw.
Straightedge rule:  the metric scale, the minimum scale for mm.
Bottle opener:  suitable for beer, beverage and etc and the open bottle cap.
Positioning hex wrench:  four different types of six arrises wrench, suitable for daily use of the size of the bolts and the nuts.
Live wrench:  namely long strips hollow out slot, can be twisted any flat model bao hou different take  items.
Direction instructions: 16 available equal parts of scale accurately determination in different directions
Positioning wrench:  two different types of six arrises wrench, more than six model function is small.
In addition to the same word a screwdriver a round hole on the diagonal, can hang on to this one.

Package Included:
10 x Army Knife

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